Welcome to Westfunen - Beautiful, Varying Countryside

Assens - You will find exciting activities here all year round.
Hire a trolley cycle and venture into the countryside; visit one of our unique museums; explore the vistas on land and at sea; enjoy a theatrical or concert event; or get a close-up experience of reptiles, birds and amphibians at the Terrarium Vissenbjerg and the Danish Bird Zoo. As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities and many more besides...

Welcome to Assens - and to experiences for all senses
Whether you prefer bathing, outstanding nature, walking, biking or angling vacation, western Funen is an obvious choice for you.

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The range of accommodation is extensive and varied, with everything from modern hotels to campsites. If you prefer camping, there are sites near towns, beaches or woods.

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Film: Enjoy your Holiday on Funen

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