The Great Outdoors of West Fyn

The Great Outdoors of West Fyn has got it all. The mild and the wild. Sea and shore. Azure and green, as far as the eye can see. And everything is easily accessible via an excellent network of roads, ramblers’ trails and cycle paths by the water’s edge and further inland. There are bathing beaches to suit all tastes along the coast of the Little Belt. Child-friendly in the town of the Little Belt, child-friendly near the town of Assens, with fun and activities around our campsites, and unspoilt gems at Thorø, Agernæs and Helnæs. The coast also offers some of Denmark’s best fishing spots for sea trout.

You can’t really say one kind of scenery is better or more beautiful than another, but here are a couple of our own favourite places. 

The Helnæs peninsula is 15 km south of Assens. Only a narrow causeway connects Helnæs to the mainland. With its majestic scenery, active cultural and arts scene as well as its fascinating past, there’s plenty to delve into and to explore. 
Just beyond the causeway are the hilly inclines of Bobakkerne – a giant embankment draped in a colourful blanket of flowers in summer. The area is owned by the Danish Nature Agency, and the grazed areas are open to ramblers.

Baagø is the only inhabited island in the Municipality of Assens – the little island in the Little Belt approximately half-an-hour’s ferry trip from Assens has a population of 25. Baagø can be blustery and has a harsh climate in winter, but it is quite simply idyllic here in spring and summer. An obvious destination for a day trip for adults and children alike.

Thorø is a little peninsula off the pleasant old fishing hamlet of Thorø Huse, a few kilometres south of Assens. Thorø is renowned for its beautiful, unspoilt scenery. The area is only accessible on foot – the trip around the water’s edge is roughly 3 km.


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