Local specialities

Fyn is the Garden of Denmark. If you are preparing your own meals, we warmly recommend the local, high-quality produce that you will find here and there in the numerous local farm shops.
If you are visiting West Fyn in late summer, you should know that we still grow and eat many of the old kinds of apples. The familiar Ingrid Marie apple was discovered in 1910 in a garden in Gl. Høed near Ebberup.

And then we have local businesses that produce just the products to spice up your life. Try the Assens butcher’s lovingly seasoned, cold-smoked ham, Fyensland Skinke. We also have wine from Agger and Langedil, beer and soft drinks from Bryggeriet Vestfyn, Frejdahl and Aarup and, last but not least, Summerbird’s amazing organic chocolate.

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