West Fynen - An Edorado for Anglers

Mother nature has been particularly benevolent to West Fyn, giving us 80 km of coastline. The waterways of West Fyn are regarded as a sea trout angler’s paradise. The excellent fishing in our area did not just happen by chance. It is the result of more than 20 years of targeted efforts to improve the habitat
of the fish and the quality of the water. The short distances make it quick and easy to move between fishing spots on the coast whenever the weather changes. And, of course, there are put-and-take lakes, too. 

Pick up the sea trout guide about the Helnæs Bay area from the Assens Tourist Information Office or read it here.

Angling Spots

We are sure to catch your attention with our fantastic angling spots: Aborg Strand, Baagø, south of Assens Harbour, Helnæs Strand and the eastern side of Helnæs..... Angling spots - West Fynen.

Certified accommodation

The accommodation providers at this page are certified by the organisation Seatrout Funen. This is your guarantee they have the facilities visiting anglers need. 

Improve your sea trout angling with a local guide. Read about Seatrout Funens guide service.

Guide Service seatrout.dk

Seatrout offers professional guides all around our coasts. These guides are hardened local fishers, who have been pulling out trout on Fyn for many a year and have also been abroad. 

Denmark Fishing And Outdoor Lodge

Helnæs is the location of Denmark Fishing And Outdoor Lodge, a “beacon” of angling tourism with unique facilities. This is a world-class venue offering a perfect mix for anglers.

Seatrout Fyn

Europe’s leading destination for coastal sea trout fishing.