Museums and exhibitions

Museum Vestfyn has several exhibitions in Assens. For example, visit Ernsts Samling to learn about the fascinating story of Frederik Ernst and his collection of silverware, porcelain and antiques.
At the Hørvævsmuseum (flax-weaving) museum of industry, the guides explain about the machinery and the textiles, and demonstrate how to work with flax. Assens Miniby shows the market town in miniature and, if cars are your thing, the Škoda Museum and Strøjer Samlingen (the Strøjer collection) are worth visiting. The flax-weaving museum and the Škoda Museum are housed in buildings that belong to the Krengerup Gods estate, with Krengerup manor at the heart of one of Denmark’s bestpreserved late 18th-century manor house environments. Hagenskov Gods estate, too, is located in West Fyn between Assens and Helnæs. The main building of the estate was the central backdrop for the Danish film and TV series “1864”.

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