Galeasen Havet - History

Launched February 23, 1954 yard No. 196 from Holbaek Shipyard (A. Nielsen)

Commissioned by Royal Greenland Trade.

Sailed the first four years under the name "Edvard Hansen"

Sold in 1958 to Karl Henriksen, Skagen and renamed "Havet" (Sea)

Since then it has been called sea ship.

Havet sailed under changing owners and skippers freight up to 1977. It has sailed in limited waters (the Nordic countries and the Baltic countries).

In 1977, re-registered passenger ship and sailed until 1989 as camp ship.

Since 2003, the ship has been owned by Henning and Alice Breindahl Sørensen. Henning is skipper on board and Alice best man. The couple lives on the ship all year in the old captain's cabin out aft.

Since the early 90s,  Havet has been a charter ship. On Ebbes boatyard in Marstal ship was in 1990 rebuilt below deck to the current layout as a floating restaurant and hotel.

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